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Helping a veteran teacher introduce student blogging to he classroom of middle school students


Part 1: Project Goals

An overview of the scope and end goals of this technology mentoring project. An Introduction to the teacher I mentored.

Part 2: Goals Evaluation

An evaluation of the outcomes of the project, and samples of student work that resulted from the project.

Part 3: Weekly Progress

A timeline of the project's progress. This lists all of my meetings with the teacher I helped and what was accomplished

Part 4: Literature Review

This project is based on reseasearch. This is a look at what the relevant research says about the efficacy of blogging in the classroom as a way to promote student reflection and engagement.

Part 5: Reflection:

What I learned from this experience and how I can improve when I mentor teachers in the use of technology one on one in the future.

Part 6:Literature Cited

The literature I consulted in the preparation of this project.

Part 7: ISTE Standards and Indicators Addressed

A look at the ISTE Technology Coaching Standards this project addresses

Part 8: Presentation of Project

A presentation of the technology mentoring project in powerpoint.
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