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ISTE Coaching Project Part 2

Project Goals:

The goal of this project was to meet with a group of high school teachers to help them better integrate technology and 21st Century Classroom learning techniques into their instruction.

Richard Styner
Mary Murphy

That group decided they did not desire coaching.  I discovered another teacher in need of coaching, however, her name is Mary Murphy. She had just transferred to the middle school from high school, and was having difficulties keeping the students engaged and on task. She is a 20-year veteran teacher, but the move to middle school has been trying for her.

Mrs. Murphy and my agreed upon goals were as follows:

    ·         Increase the use of tech in her classroom.

    ·         Encourage collaborative feedback and discussion between students.

    ·         Get students to be reflective of lessons.

    ·         Make it easy for students to keep track of assignments and class announcements

    ·         Keep the environment safe and semi-controlled for students.

Her school does not have a licensed product like Haiku. After

Richard Styner
some discussion, I advised focusing on Edublogs. It is a more secured environment than the Google tool, yet has many powerful features that encourage collaboration. It is also affordable and easy to implement (Evans, 2016).

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